Business women

Making it big in the professional world is no cakewalk – more so for women. However, today, women are breaking the glass ceiling and changing the status quo in everything that they do.

While women have always been role models, the impact of their work now extends beyond their companies. They have demonstrated that it is not about anyone’s gender but only talent and competence which makes a person stand out. With a tough-as-nails attitude, they balance the demands of both personal and professional lives impeccably. And it is not just hearsay.

There is research to show that organizations that have more women in senior positions tend to profit more, are more socially responsible, and offer better customer experience – among numerous other benefits. The secret sauce here that women possess includes a diverse mix of ingredients.

Let us look at some behavioral and operational habits that come naturally to women and therefore, make them assets to any organization.


Women possess the strength to take risks, learn from failure and deal with negative comments and yet fight to undertake course correction no matter how tough the challenge is. In the corporate world, this quality is inspiring for others and denotes one of the most important tenets of a leader.


The world of business can be unpredictable and stressful. This is where women possess the inherent trait of perseverance through any setback. They not only handle the challenges with utmost patience but also face any biases en route with determination.


Vision, perseverance, empathy, passion, etc., are traits that are not the assets of male leaders alone. The next generation of women leaders is at the forefront of empowering those who wish to take on the business world – irrespective of gender. Women, therefore, have a crucial role in redefining the future with a work culture that embraces equality, equity, and the importance of acknowledging hard work irrespective of gender.


Adaptability is one of the most essential traits in a leader. There are unique demands in every work environment and job position. As these evolve, we need adaptable leaders, who can weather changes, and turn adversities into opportunities. This is where women stand out in terms of being highly adaptable.

Grit and tenacity

Perseverance and passion to achieve goals are integral to business success. Grittiness is a woman’s inherent trait and comes out in the face of adversity. After all, women are known to face challenges in the workplace, irrespective of whether they are talented or better than the best. This is where women demonstrate tenacity. The extra responsibilities that they need to shoulder do not indicate that they are delicate or distracted but rather that they are tenacious.


Empathy has emerged as a key interpersonal skill in a leader – and women possess this skill in ample quantities. Empathy helps customers and employees feel heard and as a result, they become more open to feedback and adapting. The result is a collaborative and open work environment where employees are not just productive but also happy.

The world of business is rapidly turning into a digital-first ecosystem. This is where women entrepreneurs are bringing in new ideas and innovations. They are driven by self-belief and the thought that there is always a way and are emerging as a force to reckon with in anything they do. Undoubtedly, the future wave of business leadership is going to be led by women and yet be a gender-neutral one, for the larger good of the nation and economy.

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