When you start a business and see it evolve into a successful organization, it is natural to think that it is all because of you. You start feeling like the boss. As the owner/founder of the business or the CEO.

If you think entrepreneurship is about being the boss, then you are completely off the target. Any managerial position gives you the authority to issue orders, give instructions and ask people to follow your command. However, it doesn’t make you a successful entrepreneur. After having spent long years leading the team towards greater achievements, I (Shiraz Khan) can say with confidence that one can lead only by example.

The first and foremost thing that every entrepreneur should remember is that they can’t complain. The business you have built is structured by your vision, and where it will go also depends on your vision for the future. Whether it is smooth sailing or adversity, an entrepreneur never loses sight of the big picture, and even in the toughest scenarios, they will focus on finding solutions and making progress. This hunger should never get satiated.

One of the best ways to do so is to display solid work ethics and a zeal to perform. Be the first one to arrive at work and the last to leave.

Isaac Newton had once remarked, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Every working day, I reach the office early just because I know that nothing works better than showing the way. People will adopt best practices when they see them in action. Instead of preaching the virtues of punctuality and an early start, I prefer to demonstrate how it is done.

To be honest, there is ample chance of being misunderstood by people. Some people might see it as indirect pressure, and others as old-school practices, but what truly eggs me on is that my actions as a leader are going to motivate people to focus on self-improvement. I am giving them the reason to walk the path of self-betterment. It is this responsibility of a leader, and the opportunity to bring about a change each day, that makes me step forward with double enthusiasm, each morning.

A major challenge that I have seen a lot of people struggle with, is monotony, boredom, or the complacency that creeps in subtly and creates a negative, low-energy environment at workplaces. It is important to be constantly on the guard against such a negative state of mind. As a leader of my pack, I enthusiastically promote a work culture and environment that helps my employees align their job responsibilities with their purpose and enjoy doing what they do.

Being the Founder-Director makes me the torchbearer for my people and leads them to achieve organizational as well as their own growth. I have constantly strived to build an environment full of equal and attractive opportunities for all the employees. A company’s growth is best exemplified by the growth and success achieved by its people. If the people are unhappy and stagnant then the company is not doing well, and if the people are happy, full of purpose then the company will scale faster. Also, the opportunities for growth shouldn’t just be decided from the top down. As the leader, I believe it is crucial to ensure that the opportunity is packaged and presented in a manner that entices people to go for it.

Also, there is no doubt that being able to command the ship and having a good grasp on the pulse of the business is the greatest joy for an entrepreneur. Whether it is internal management of the company or the successes one achieves in the market, it is highly satisfying to see that each gain benefits all the people. This is one of the major factors that drives me towards finding new and interesting avenues of growth for the people around me.

The best part of leadership is to see that each and every person around you get better at the game, each day. Once you are able to inculcate that culture and zeal in the organization, everything else falls into place automatically!

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