Digital Marketing Guide by Mehek Khan
Digital Marketing Guide by Mehek Khan

Hear all about it! 

Consumers don’t want to know about products. They wanna hear about it. What is Product A about, how does it benefit them, how can it be used, is it sustainable, is it versatile in nature, what are the different ways to utilise the product, etc. 

Be Funny! 

We are now in the Gen Z generation, who is known for its unique sense of internet humour. Incorporating these kind of posts also shows your brand in the light of genuineness. Utilise this content to build a genuine connection with your audience so much so that based on this connection they decide to pursue a purchase with your brand.

Exclusivity is the key! 

While you are building a connection with your audience, don’t forget to influence your audience into making purchases with promotions, informational content & exclusive deals. Bring in exclusiveness with product information, because 54% of consumers are extremely likely to see one’s social media presence while making a purchasing decision. 

Communicate, Engage, Sell!

Brands when communicating – only think of selling. But well, that’s not the case. Communication = Engaging = Sales. 

Brands who communicate to engage with consumers, sell to consumers. While at it, brands need to be empathetic towards their audience, since these are the people who are investing majority of time on their social media page – researching, navigating through their SM presence & finally making a decision to purchase. 

Consumers apart from seeing the brands aesthetics, reach out to discuss a problem relating to their order or to ask questions while researching an offering. Responding to consumers help you to further trench their brand loyalty. 

Be a Community!

Relevance in today’s time is very important if you want to retain your audience. When a consumer doesn’t seem to relate to your brand’s social media presence that’s when they decided unfollow you. It’s easy to create content, but its a bit taxing to create value content. While creating your brands content strategy its important for your brand to understand your audience including persona building, analytics, tracking consumer lifestyle, etc. 


When building a connection, consumers want to trust the brand to further their purchase plans with the brand. When asked consumers how and when they feel connected to the brand, they said – They trust the brand, the brands values aligns with their own, Brand understand them & their wants, they depend on the brand’s products / services. 


Influencer marketing – a tool which helps garner eyeballs to your brand. However, this is short-lived in today’s time because most of the times – these strategies are paid marketing plans. The biggest influencer for any brand are their employees and the founder himself. A brand is said to increase engagement by 70% if the CEO/ Founder has an active social media account. When the employees show behind the scenes or their experience with that particular product, it is said to engage the audience more than usual. As a brand, we should have a healthy mix of paid and organic influencer marketing, this is only possible if the people working for the brand believe themselves to be advocates of what they are selling.


Including all these points while creating content for your brand is overwhelming. Thats when a good marketing strategy comes into place. Prepare a high-level plan for 6months to 1 year where you decide which steps are to be taken when, based on this you need to curate content. While applying all these points to your strategy make sure to be yourself, don’t over do it just because you feel you will miss out on certain things while at it.

–Credits “Mehek Khan (Digital Marketing Manager at Spicetree Design Agency)”.

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