Don’t be artistic to be creative…

You can use your creativity to find a solution to a problem that neither your boss nor a subject matter expert could. You can assign a task to your underling in a creative way and avoid appearing to be delegating. It can also be very creative to come up with ideas to explode your client’s brand! 

It depends on your field, your position, and your level of skill. Once more, your level of creativity is not directly related to your skills. An idea might just click, but your skill set will also play a role in whether it does.

For instance, a math problem that appears to be very straightforward but is actually quite complex. However, even though the second math problem has variables and numbers, it is very challenging to understand. Which one would you pick? The first, huh? 

Now for the important part: Convenience and Ease! 

Even a creative, aesthetically pleasing product will be difficult and unfriendly to use without ease. So keep in mind, as you develop your creativity, don’t lose sight of your ability to simplify things for your intended audience.

This brings me to my third point, which is homework. 

Don’t make buying a service or a product for the customer so simple or easy that they never need your expertise or skill set again. Your end user will need your assistance with a confusing or challenging portion of your service or product. 

For instance, we appear to make digital marketing so simple. Our clients now believe they are far more knowledgeable than we are. However, they still require our assistance. They depend on us for research, post design, ad running, and many other tasks.

If social media was made so simple that everyone believed they were pros, why would there be experts? Why is it so important for us, digital and social marketers, to perform all of the previously stated tasks for our clients? Since a king (in this case, an expert) shouldn’t show all of his cards!

Hence proved, being creative means being able to solve problems with ease while still attracting attention.

–Credits “Mehek Khan (Digital Marketing Manager at Spicetree Design Agency)”

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