Shiraz Khan, Spicetree Design Agency Growth for all, above all

Shiraz Khan, Spicetree Design Agency: Growth for all, above all

BRIEF23 brings you insights and inspiration from Shiraz Khan, Founder, Spicetree Design Agency (SDA) – the full-service communications agency focused...
Job-Related Burnout

Job-Related Burnout: Why are Most People Experiencing It, and How can You Cope With...

A recently published Deloitte report revealed that working women in India face high burnout, owing to work-related stress, despite the...

Five important traits of successful entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial mindset – you might have come across these two terms in a lot of job post ads. Your performance...
Business women

Organizations Need Equal Participation By Women In The Workforce

Making it big in the professional world is no cakewalk – more so for women. However, today, women are breaking...
Traditional corporate culture

The New Disruptors: How Millennials, Gen-Z Are ‘Swiping Left’, ‘Swiping Right’ The Traditional Corporate...

We are already witnessing the profound impact that millennials and Gen-Z are making in the world and the workplace. From...
Blunders brands can’t afford to commit

Blunders brands can’t afford to commit in 2022

Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, marketing is one of the most important tools you can leverage...

How to be a successful Entrepreneur

When you start a business and see it evolve into a successful organization, it is natural to think that it...
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