How Instagram affected billions of people.

1 PLATFORM affecting BILLIONS !! 

Yes, it’s a matter of billions of people being affected by just 1 single platform. Instagram is a platform used to make or break a business or an individual.

Being on Instagram means being relevant and ahead of the game!

In today’s time, Instagram is an essential tool to network market & get recognised in the industry. Instagram as a social platform aids in creating new business trends and going viral amongst your fans/followers. One mistake can lead you to tons of hate or one achievement can take you up and ahead, so you need to be very careful with the content you put out.

Instagram blocks inappropriate content which goes against community guidelines. Things are evolving and growing!

What you see on Instagram is never real.

In today’s changing times again majorly things are growing and people are evolving and being real with the content they put as one post influences many and one negative post influences many.

Instagram blocks inappropriate content which goes against community guidelines. A platform to all without judging or categorizing anyone is a platform to all. So many careers are dependent on this one platform, and how important one app can be in someone’s life. Connecting worldwide through one app sharing content with one another. Growing businesses, selling their business putting up a smile on the happy customers.

Recently a situation of panic that none of us anticipated. Not so long ago, Instagram disabled thousands of accounts and the loss of followers was the biggest concern of all. And as expected, Twitter was flooded with concern from Instagram users all around the world. Businesses, influencers, celebrities & public accounts were drowned with the fear of suspension of accounts. This glitch largely affected the influencers, brand pages, and business accounts where the only mode of sales is from Instagram.

The people constantly trolled Instagram and told them to look into the glitch, the youth could not stay without a day of using Instagram and constant messages in the group chat about the Instagram glitch.

Instagram was a trending news worldwide, everyone was talking about it and panicking that they lost their followers and accounts forever.

Instagram itself lost 3M followers, All big influencers and celebrities faced a loss of tons of fan following.

These kinds of situations help us understand how Instagram has so much power over the youth, hence it is a powerful weapon to the mass audience.

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